Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Can I use this on a rainy day? Will rain damage the solar kit?

The solar panel is completely waterproof to IP68 level. And all the frames are made of aluminum alloy frame, which is waterproof and durable at the same time.

Q2:Are these monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels?

This model uses 23.8% high conversion rate monocrystalline silicon for efficient power generation.

Q3:Why is my solar panel not generating enough power?

Due to the complex process and high technical requirements of crystalline silicon panels, and the existing part of small factories in pursuit of profit, crude
In order to pursue the interests of some small factories, crude manufacturing, random selection of component materials, does not meet the basic requirements of the product, and even some cells are photovoltaic industry
Therefore, the power generation is poor or the power decays quickly after installation, resulting in a very poor user experience.
Shawllar Technology's zero carbon engine module technology is naturally suitable for crystalline silicon modules because of the copper foil support.
Process, this product is fully automated production by European Industry 4.0 equipment, product reliability, high
The selection of materials is professional (the choice of core material liner KPK, higher than the ordinary hard board liner KPF, etc.).

Shawllar technology silicon wafer selection of the top three manufacturers in the photovoltaic industry, all use positive A grade.

Q4:What do I need to complete my set of off-grid solar power system?

A solar panel, charge controller, and a battery to store the electricity.
You will need adapter kit cables to connect the solar panel to the charge controller, and tray cables to connect the charge controller to the deep cycle battery