About us

Founded in March 2018, Shawllar is an interconnection and integrated service platform focusing on smart energy and distributed smart PV systems Shawllar's traditional business mainly includes household PV and commercial and industrial PV, covering project development, EPC, monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, smart inverters, auxiliary materials, and smart operations.

Shawllar's RV business center was established in 2019 to research and provide a series of solutions for RV PV power supply systems. The system covers 100-watt 12-volt flexible monocrystalline solar panels, MPPT solar charge controllers, PV cables, structural adhesives and other ancillary products, solving the problem of decentralized procurement and after-sales service for various RV companies or conversion plants.

In 2022 we released solar panel more suitable for portable, travel, camping. explorer series. There are no excessive installation steps, you can use it as soon as you receive it, saving you unnecessary trouble. Each model has its own characteristics. The cowboy model with a spirit of adventure. Wild zebra print sports models. The bright and stylish sky blue model. Let your weather events, campers, off-gridbecome unbeatable fashion.