How to maintain the PV power generation system in winter?

In the face of cliff-like cooling and snowy weather, not only people need to keep warm, but also photovoltaic power plants need maintenance. Today Shawllar will talk about the maintenance of photovoltaic power generation systems in winter.

1. What are the main factors that lead to the decline in the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation systems?
The efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system is reduced by external influences, including shadow shielding, dust, component attenuation, temperature influence, component matching, MPPT precision, inverter efficiency, transformer efficiency, DC and AC line loss, etc., and each factor has different influences on efficiency. In the early stage of the project, attention should be paid to the optimal design of the system, and certain measures should be taken to reduce the influence of dust, shadow and other factors on the system during the operation of the project.

2. How to deal with the later maintenance of the system, how often? How to maintain?
The parts that need to be checked regularly are maintained according to the product supplier's instruction manual. The main maintenance work of the system is to clean the components. Generally, manual clean is not required in areas with heavy rain, and it should be cleaned about once a month in non-rainy seasons. Areas with large amounts of dust can increase the number of wiping as appropriate. In areas with large amounts of snow, heavy snow should be removed in time to avoid affecting power generation and uneven shading after snow melting, and promptly clean up trees or debris that shade components.

3. Do I need to disconnect the photovoltaic system in thunderstorm weather?
Distributed photovoltaic power generation systems are equipped with lightning protection devices, so there is no need to disconnect. For safety and insurance, it is recommended to disconnect the circuit breaker switch of the bus box and cut off the circuit connection with the photovoltaic module, so as to avoid the harm caused by direct lightning which cannot be removed by the lightning protection module. Operation and maintenance personnel should timely detect the performance of the lightning protection module to avoid the damage caused by the failure of the lightning protection module.


4. Need to clean up the PV system after snow? How to deal with photovoltaic modules after snow melting and freezing in winter?
After the snow, if there is heavy snow on the module, it is necessary to clean it. You can use a soft object to push the snow down. Be careful not to scratch the glass. Components are load-bearing, but do not step on the components for cleaning, it will cause components crack or damage, affect the life of the components. It is generally recommended not to wash the components until the snow is too thick to avoid over-freezing.