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Shawllar - Caravan PV

The current demand for caravans is based on comfort, convenience, and a homely and secure feel. Reducing safety risks and improving the stability and comfort of operation has been the main demands of the caravan market. As a professional caravan photovoltaic system, Shawllar has been developing lightweight and portable caravan photovoltaic systems, dedicated to creating a better living experience for caravan users.

Shawllar has been dedicated to the research and development of photovoltaic power supply systems for caravans, and the shawllar Flexible Solar Panel is a lightweight and mobile power supply system designed explicitly for trains, providing a stable and efficient power supply for your caravan.

Professional certification, made by a major manufacturer

Shawllar's flexible solar panels are one of the few that have been authoritatively certified by TüV in Germany and are manufactured by fully automated Industry 4.0 equipment imported from Europe, making them highly reliable and available for sale in, Europe, Australia, and other regions. The products are strictly made from fluorine-containing back sheets produced by the top two listed companies in the photovoltaic industry. This material is highly weather resistant, with properties such as UV resistance, high-temperature resistance, high humidity resistance, and salt spray resistance, and possesses long-term damage resistance for outdoor environments. The junction box is also made of the highest grade of waterproof IP68 material, so it is not a problem to immerse in water.

The lightweight, flexible, minimalist look

Shawllar's flexible solar panel is one of the thinnest modules on the market today, with an ultra-thin thickness of 1.7mm and a weight of just 1.4kg per panel, and a flexible bend-down to a 25cm radius, making it suitable for a wide range of caravan roofs on the market.
The Shawllar has optimal clearance for a simple and stylish appearance. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, it not only makes the caravan safer to drive around corners and in windy conditions, but also makes the caravan more comfortable to use on the road!

Super-efficient, stable power generation

Shawllar flexible solar panels are MWT back-contact modules with up to 100W power generation in just 1.07m*0.52m size, one of the most minor areas among the 100W products on the market today, which is more efficient than most flexible and rigid panels on the market; at the same time, the actual power generation effect is better than most other flexible and wooden panels.
Shawllar's modules are installed in series and parallel with the same specification and size to ensure maximum power output. The weight of each 1000W installation is only 14Kg, compared to the 70Kg-75Kg per 1000W of hard panel modules currently available on the market, which significantly impacts the overall lifting of the caravan's center of gravity and poses a safety hazard when cornering and measuring wind. Compared to rigid panels, Shawllar's flexible components have lower fuel consumption and higher safety, making them a more efficient and lighter option.
According to the principle of conservation of energy, high-efficiency electrical energy conversion not only brings a power generation guarantee but also reduces the possibility of module overheating; Shawllar technology solar panel itself is lighter and thinner than other flexible and rigid panels, which dissipates heat better; at the same time, the bottom of small blue's flexible module cell also adopts copper foil heat dissipation technology, copper foil makes the group price more conducive and faster heat dissipation; the above several features avoid special outdoor The above features prevent overheating caused by unique outdoor environments, making the caravan PV system adaptable to a variety of outdoor environmental changes.

Attentive service, long-term warranty

Shawllar's flexible solar panels come with a 5-year product warranty and a 12-year linear power warranty, guaranteeing that the product will continue to have a power generation efficiency of over 80% for 12 years after the sale. We will respond to every customer's service needs within 24 hours, so that "everything is answered and everything is done" becomes a practical standard of service for Shawllar Technology.

"- Shawllar technology, made for quality."

Image of Shawllar 2*100W Flexible Solar Panels

Shawllar 2*100W Flexible Solar Panels

Image of Shawllar 24V 20A MPPT Solar Charger Controller

Shawllar 24V 20A MPPT Solar Charger Controller

Image of Shawllar 100W Sport Portable Solar Panel

Shawllar 100W Sport Portable Solar Panel

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