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Shawllar 200 Watt Solar Flexible kit( 20A MPPT Controller)

Shawllar 200 Watt Solar Flexible kit( 20A MPPT Controller)

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Efficient, thin and light, environmentally friendly and lead-free. Let your RV travel and won't be bothered by energy anymore. Using high quality battery cells, efficient conversion. 5-year warranty.Advanced double-peak or multi-peak tracking technology, when the panel is shaded or part of the panel is damaged, the I-V curve will have multiple peaks, but the controller can still accurately track the maximum power point.

High efficiency

MWT+PERC technology, conversion efficiency up to 20.74%.

Ultra-thin thickness

The overall thickness of the module is only 1.4mm, reducing the weight by more than 70%, no load bottleneck.

Easy installation

Easy to install without bracket, reducing installation cost by about 50%.

Stable quality assurance

5-year warranty, 12-year power guarantee. First year attenuation is less than 2.5%, 12 years power warranty, 82.36% power generation guarantee

MPPT charging: MPPT tracking efficiency can reach up to 99.9%.

LCD display: With fault LED indication and LCD display of abnormal information, it is convenient for users to determine the system fault. With its own LCD screen display function, you can view the equipment operation data and status, and at the same time can support the change of controller parameters.

Intelligent temperature protection: Built-in over-temperature protection mechanism, when the temperature exceeds the set value of the device, the charging current decreases linearly with the temperature, thus reducing the temperature rise of the controller and avoiding high temperature damage to the controller.
With temperature compensation function, automatically adjust the charging and discharging parameters to improve the service life of the battery.

Notes:Components include: 2*100W Flexible Solar Panels,24V 20A MPPT Solar Charger Controller(If the Charger Controller has special requirements, please contact us by email)

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Specially designed for caravans and yachts

Built-in bypass diode, suitable for caravans and yachts to move in changing scenarios, in the shade, shadow, high temperature and high humidity environment, but still can generate electricity to ensure efficiency.

Shawllar LightX series- 100W flexible solar panel

has been the only product that participating in the VIPV ROUND-ROBIN TEST of Toyota Motor over 5 years.

What's in the box

Shawllar 2*100W Flexible Solar Panels

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How is the efficiency of flexible modules compared to hard modules?

There is no question of who is more or less efficient with flexible and rigid panels, it is important to see if it is a qualified mainstream plant, now it is in the link of production line change, technical improvement is in the wind, who has more advanced production line, has more efficient products. Shawllar Technology's Zero Carbon Engine solar flexible module can reach 100W in an area of 0.52*1.065m, which exceeds most hard panel modules, and its also includes the location of junction boxes.

Q2: Will the flexible modules peel and yellow?

The first flexible modules are thin film modules, and it is only in recent years that crystalline silicon cells have been used to make flexible modules.
However, the technical requirements are high, the process is complicated, and the market application is small, so there are almost no big factories to do it. Some of the existing flexible modules
After seeing the rise of the RV market, the manufacturers use the older manual production line to make flexible modules, which cannot meet the
photovoltaic certification requirements, hastily put into the market, only seeking quick profits, with no quality assurance at all. The substrate used
The material used is just ordinary polyethylene (plastic), so it is very easy to yellow and even peel after sunlight exposure.

And Shawllar uses KPK (double-sided fluorine) liner which is used only in high temperature difference environment, which is higher than hard plate KPF (single-sided fluorine) liner. The POE fluorine film material used on the front side has the characteristics of high light transmission, high weather resistance, high surface strength and easy to clean, and is the material of choice for the front side of flexible components.
Genuine flexible components will not peel and yellow!

Q3: Can different sizes of modules be used together?

It is best to use modules with the same voltage and internal resistance for series and parallel connection.
The reasons are as follows.
Solar PV panel power generation is a system problem, so there is a short board effect. Each module internal cells are in series mode, each silicon cell voltage is about 0.5V or so, so can calculate the module working voltage for the number of cells multiplied by about 0.5V, the smaller the area of the module contains fewer cells, and thus the smaller the module working voltage. Zero Carbon Engine 100W module consists of 36 cells connected in series, so the working voltage of Zero Carbon Engine module is about 20V. Each module has an optimal voltage for power generation, and the best power generation is achieved when the overall system voltage is maintained at the optimal voltage of 20V. When two modules with different voltage and internal resistance are connected in parallel, the working voltage of the system will be closer to the panel, and the high voltage module will lose most of its power generation efficiency under the low voltage, while the high voltage module will reverse charge the low voltage and low internal resistance module, which will eventually result in the output power being less than the sum of the two, and the larger the voltage difference, the less the output power will be than the sum of the power of the two modules. Adding an extra small board not only does not increase the expected power generation efficiency but also reduces the original power generation capacity.

Q4:How long is the warranty of your products?

5-year quality warranty and 12 years linear power attenuation warranty.

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