Three points to note for novice campers!

01:Camp site selection

The first thing to consider is safety. In the wilderness, many accidents can happen. At lower altitudes the dangers are much less, but the basic principles of camp selection must still be followed.
1. Before pitching your tent, it is important to survey the terrain carefully so that there are no rolling stones, logs or weathered rocks above your camp. In the event that you spot a rolling rock, you should immediately shout and inform your companions.
2. Do not set up camp in mudslide prone areas. Many rocks show signs of being covered in mud, which is the main sign that a mudslide has occurred. Do not choose a camp site that is too close to a mudslide channel.
3. Do not set up camp on hilltops or open ground during thunderstorms to avoid being struck by lightning. Do not set up camp on river banks, riverbeds, streams, and river valleys to avoid being swept away by sudden floods.
4. Before camping in the wild during the rainy season, it is important to pay attention to the climate and hydrology of the local area and the area upstream of the river, and to pitch your tent on high ground a few meters above the water, not in a rainwater channel, but in a well-drained area, and to choose an escape route in case of danger.
5. The camp is close to the village where you can ask the villagers for help in case of an emergency, which is even more important when there is no firewood, vegetables or food. The proximity to the village is also a shortcut, i.e. close to the road, which facilitates the movement and transfer of the team.
6. For a camp that requires more than two days' accommodation, in good weather conditions a shady spot should be chosen to set up camp, such as under a large tree and on the north side of a mountain, preferably with the sun shining in the morning rather than in the evening. This way, if you rest during the day, the tent will not be too stuffy

02:Pitching tents


1. Try to pitch your tent on hard, flat ground, not on river banks or dry riverbeds.
2. Keep the entrance to the tent to the wind, which is also a safety and convenience factor for fires. Keep the air inside the tent and prevent fires when cooking in the tent.
3. To avoid flooding when it rains, dig a drainage trench directly below the roofline.
4. Keep the tent away from hillsides with rolling stones and keep the corners of the tent pressed down with large stones.
5. To prevent insects from entering, spread a circle of paraffin around the tent.
6. The tent should preferably face south or south-east so that it can see the early morning sun.
7. Do not pitch next to a stream as it will not be too cold at night.

03:Preparation supplies

As camping in the wilderness is not like camping at home, it is important to anticipate the unknown and to be well prepared before camping.
 Basic supplies  
A torch, lighter, compass, food, water, cutlery, sunscreen, rubbish bags and, ideally, medicine to stop bleeding and treat bruises, in case of an accident.
 Camping equipment 
[Day return]: tent, canopy, folding table and chairs, trailer, insulated water bottle, barbecue and gas canister, etc.
[2-3 days]: tent, sleeping bag/inflatable bed, moisture-proof mat, folding table and chairs, trailer, camping light, wash bag, blanket, multifunctional barbecue, gas canister, set of pots and pans, mobile power, solar charging board, etc.

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