Shawllar aims to create the top professional RV photovoltaic system

Normal epidemic prevention and control may last for several years. Leisure and entertainment products for family and friends based on self-drive and self-help methods have become a hot market demand. 

RV demand is rising, and power supply problems are urgent 

With the expansion of the demand of the RV market and the continuous improvement of RV functions, the demand for the power supply system of RV products is increasing day by day. Nowadays, the main problems faced by the RV power supply system are: large internal electrical power consumption and insufficient battery power; Gasoline generators are too noisy, inconvenient to start and stop, surely pollute the environment, and easily cause resonance; few charging piles in RV campsites and high-speed service areas; standby mobile power is expensive and the capacity is small.

In the face of several problems existing in the RV power supply system, photovoltaic is undoubtedly the optimal solution of the contemporary RV power supply system. Photovoltaic is a clean energy source with no maintenance. It operates automatically with high efficiency, no noise pollution and no environmental pollution.

Shawllar is determined to forge ahead, create a professional RV photovoltaic power supply system
Currently, the quality of PV systems in the market is uneven. While moving forward with the RV market in China, it is crucial to choose the right PV system for RV. A good photovoltaic system should meet the following conditions:
1. The product is qualified, uses a fluorine-containing backplane and does not mark the error standard.
2. Has obtained one of the three certifications CQC, TUV, CGC through very strict tests.
3. Adopts light-weight, ultra-thin solar panels.
4. Selects the solar module with high efficiency.
5. Professional large manufacturing process, advanced technology, worry-free quality.
6. After-sale warranty is guaranteed.

Shawllar is committed to the research and development and service of RV photovoltaic power supply system, aiming at the current development trend of RV to lightweight and low center of gravity, so as to ensure the safety of RV driving in the case of corners and crosswinds. In order to meet the current market trend of RV photovoltaic systems, the "zero-carbon engine" flexible components developed by Shawllar have many characteristics such as high power, high conversion efficiency, beautiful appearance, lightness (low impact on the center of gravity), environmental protection, and easy installation.

Shawllar's "zero-carbon engine" is one of the few products certified by German TUV, which can be sold in China, Europe, Australia and other markets. Our solar panel backplane is using fluorine-containing weather-resistant material, 1.7mm thin texture and 1.4kg light weight enabling the module installation without wind resistance and low fuel consumption. Only in the area of 1.07m*0.52m, the power generation efficiency is as high as 100W. It is fully automated and produced by the industry 4.0 equipment imported from Europe, with high product reliability. We offer 5-year product warranty, 12-year linear power warranty, and you will get after-sale service within 24 hours.

Shawllar is currently developing and producing a number of flexible solar panels that meet the size requirements of RV. We have reached supply intentions with many RV manufacturers in the market, and are ready to supply our high-quality flexible components to the whole industry to meet the increasing quality requirements of RV photovoltaic systems. At the same time, we have also launched a package of RV photovoltaic power supply system solutions. The system covers flexible photovoltaic modules, controllers, cables, glues and other supporting products, to solve the problem of scattered procurement and after-sales problem of various RV enterprises, and is committed to creating a top domestic RV photovoltaic power supply system.