How do I use electricity for spring camping?



For those who like camping, the main thing is how to solve the problem of electricity. There are ways to solve this kind of problem, so let's take a look at some of the most practical solutions.

  1. Solar power

The solar power supply you can also understand solar charging, solar energy is the most convenient and convenient energy, but the current solar charging efficiency is generally not high, our electricity is generally more scattered, which is why I pipe this called solar charging.

2、Convenient energy storage power supply

To all aspects of the outdoor power, industry the good performance of the convenient energy storage power supply, it has high power, high capacity, rich interface, safety and stability of high product characteristics, and can be applied to a wide range of not only can be used for self-driving tours, but also for a mobile office, home storage, outdoor work, communications equipment, emergency rescue, and many other areas.

3、Automotive power supply

The first is that we often forget when we use electricity, and then we run out of power at once, the result may be that the car can not start, if you are driving in a sparsely populated place, then the consequences are still quite serious.


The advantages are that they are powerful and have a wide range of uses. But the disadvantages are also very obvious, take the most common diesel generator, it is huge, difficult to carry, and because of the reliance on diesel power, and fuel consumption, generators in operation will also emit exhaust gas and make a lot of noise, the use of outdoor need to spend a lot of manpower and resources.

5, portable solar panels

Portable solar panels as portable energy storage power input devices, for a long time outside camping enthusiasts, a necessary supplement. This allows electricity to be used without worry, keeping energy available at all times. The portability of the solar panel also determines how comfortable camping is. The more portable it is, the easier camping will be.

The Shawllar 100W Sport Portable Solar Panel weighs just 3.1kg. with the look of a folding bag, it's ready to carry and go. No worries about space to put it in. A stylish and textured look. Color-blocking design Wild zebra print accents Fully waterproof fabric with hidden zips and concealed pockets for a rainy day camping.

Perfect ergonomics. Knitted strap carry handles provide a comfortable and sturdy grip. The bag is fully covered in waterproof fabric and has dual separate pockets to ensure that accessories are organized and power is used in an organized manner. The tri-fold design is lighter while maintaining the same power. With its optimally angled stand, it makes getting power even easier! Highly waterproof and light-transmissive. Excellent heat dissipation energy. Contains glass fibers to effectively increase structural strength.

Technical specifications

The solution for outdoor electricity needs to depend on the use scenario. Generally speaking, most outdoor electricity is used to charge electronic products, which is a good solution for this type of outdoor electricity, and a convenient 500W energy storage power supply is perfectly fine.

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